Ken Kaniff (Skit)


[Ken Kaniff]  Call this motherfucker [dial tone] Ohh fuck yeah Give 'im a piece of my mind.... A piece of my ass

[Operator] Thanks for waiting This is [sound dipped] May I help you?

[Ken Kaniff] Oh thank you I need to make a collect call

[Operator] What number?

[Ken Kaniff] Ohhh The number's [sound dipped] 62 [sound dipped]

[Automated Operator] At the tone, please say your name (beep)

[Ken Kaniff] Kennith Kaniff....from Connecticut Automated piece of shit

[phone rings, man answers - presumably supposed to be Eminem]

[Man] Yo [Ken Kaniff] Hey there cockboy [Man] Who's this? [Ken Kaniff] This is Ken Kannif [Man] Who? [Ken Kaniff] Ken Kannif from Connecticut, ya little bitch [Man] From Connecticut? [Ken Kaniff] Yean you wanna get a... [Man] I don't know nobody in Connecticut [Ken Kaniff] You wanna get a hotel room with me? [Man] A hotel room? [Ken Kaniff] Yeah, you want me to lick your ass, EMINEM!? [Man] Ha.. Yo, wh, who is this? Cage? [Ken Kaniff] Hey, pa ha.. You want me ta fuckin melt in your mouth and not in your hand?  Melt in your ass, ya little cockboy [Man] He k-k-k-k Yo shut up you little bitch [Ken Kaniff] Oh you think I'm lyin huh?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ken Kaniff (Skit) Slim Shady LP (Dirty Verison)

Ken Kaniff (Skit) Slim Shady LP (Dirty Verison)

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